Missive #17: The First Mission for Roma Bellica Campaign

So it’s time for the 1st mission of our Roma Bellico campaign.  I decided to use the Generator to see how the campaign would develop.  I have to say I’m very pleased with the results.  I generated a Transportation Mission.  The Target is a political figure.  The starting Location is an Urban Center, and the final destination is a Corporate Office.  I decided to set the mission in Rome as I wanted the first mission to remain in the main city of operations.  I rolled two plot types to combine and got Metamorphosis and Rescue.  That may take some work, but I’ll see what I can do.  The Complication in another Agency, which turned out to be a New Agency.  The Ally is an Oblivion Agent, and I decided this would be Nora who is monitoring the team’s status and is prepared to come to their aid if she feels it is necessary for their safety.  The Enemy is also an Agent (of the New Agency).

So I happily (yes I do this with evil joy) generate the new Agency and get the Executive Defense Organization (EDO).

Alien:  Moderate

Conspiracy:  Moderate

Horror:  Low

Occult:  Moderate

Technology:  High

Influence:  High

Wow this is a cool, powerful agency.  So the EDO must be some sort of Secret International group collecting and utilizing alien technology and back-engineered technologies.  They are obviously well-funded and I decide they are an arm of the Bilderberger Group, though the basic agents of the EDO probably do not know this fact.

I decide that the parking garage is just across the stree from a major shopping center with an open-air mall.  The team is to meet with Fransisco Bello, an Italian Parliamentarian and a leader of the Partito Socialisa Italiano (PSI) –this is the Socialist Party of Italy (a quick internet search adds a touch of realism).

The agents are to meet Bello and escort him twenty miles to the outskirts of Rome.  He must be safely taken to the Donato Medical Research Technologies Institute (DMRTI).

Now come the difficult part, the Metamorphosis and the Rescue combined plot types.  After some brainstorming I decided it would be cool to make Bello more than he seems, some kind of change that would be evident in his basic psychology and make up.  Something bad will happen if the team cannot manage to save Bello from himself!

Now the back-story.  Bello is the victim of a sinister political plot designed to destroy the Socialist Party in Italy (which has gained seats in the last few elections and is poised to control almost a third of the government).  Two weeks ago while he was home asleep, something broke into his home and he was a victim of what he believes was an alien abduction.  In truth it was the EDO using their advanced alien technologies on him.  He was implanted with a mind-control (puppet) device of extraordinary power that can be activated by a Controller near the DMRTI. After the dream-like abduction, Bello began to suffer from headaches and frequent nose bleeds.  He went to a local doctor and x-rays revealed a device attached through his sinus cavity into his brain.  Needless to say, this freaked Bello out and he has been in hiding the past week, afraid of the government, aliens, and seeing conspiracies in everything.  Yes, he is losing it!  Why?  Because this makes it more fun!

As Bello is a leader of the PSI, he is also afraid of political repercussions if it became known he was a victim of an “alien abduction.”  He has managed to keep the x-ray secret and through secret government channels Oblivion has agreed to help him.

The closest facility with the ability to even attempt the removal of the device is the DMRTI.  Mr. Bello has been in hiding and believes he is in danger.  He is very scared and has little trust for anyone, including the agents.  This is why he chose a busy shopping center for the meet up.  Remember to play him a bit crazed and paranoid as later, when his personality changes and he appears calm and in control- the agents have a good clue that something is gravely wrong.

Now for the puppet device.  The EDO plans to use Bello to commit a heinous act of terrorism.  As a leading member of the PSI party, he and his party would be vilified in the media and such a thing could spell the end of the Socialist Party in Italy.  (The reason for this is that the Bilderberg Group has decided that they need full control of the Italian Parliament for their own nefarious  purposes).

So here is how it will go down.  The agents meet Bello and escort him across town to the DMRTI.  Play up Bello’s paranoia and maybe have the agents face some false alarms.  When they get within a hundred yards of the building, the EDO agent (the controller) activates the puppet device and through it can control Bello’s actions and speech.  The control device even allows the controller to see through the subject’s eyes and hear what he hears.  It is at this point that Bello gets very quiet and appears much calmer.  He thanks the agents for getting him here and attempts to leave them as he wants to get away from them so he can fulfill his mission for the EDO.  If unsuccessful he plays along into the facility and attempts to escape at the first possible opportunity.  If he does, there is a blue van in the parking lot filled with explosives and ready for his mission, the keys in the ignition.  Also in the parking lot is the controller who is in a brown sedan with very darkly tinted windows.  He has three other agents with him, a driver and two enforcers.

If Bello gets to the van he drives to the south side of the Vatican City and parks the van.  He quickly sets the charges for three minutes and then walks away on foot.  If the explosives detonate it destroys a city block and kills over fifty people and injures many more.  At that moment, Bello awakens and has the full recollection of what he has done, though he doesn’t know why he did it.

As for the EDO, the controller needs to be within 100 yards to activate the device and within one mile to maintain it.  They know of the plan to get Bello to the DMRTI facilities through a government leak and the fact that it truly is the only facility outside of their own in all of Italy that could help Bello.

If the team proves too difficult, the controller sends the two enforcers to deal with them

Got it?  Have fun.  Next time, we will get to know the heroes better and throw a challenge their way, but I really think the EDO and the Bilderbergs are going to make a great enemy for the agents.

Yes,,,,excellent!  See the random generator can even drive a plot arc if you let it!



3 Notes on, Missive #17: The First Mission for Roma Bellica Campaign

  1. I have to admit that this Mission Generator-generated mission has me more interested in AoO than I have been before. I tried running a home-brewed spy setting some months back and found myself stumped for plots. Also, helping the Socialist party hits my sweet spot.

  2. Just with a few rolls I’ve been able to establish that the EDO and Bilderburgs are going to be the main bad guys for the campaign, and the next Missive (being done and waiting for next week to be published) adds another cool twist. Also remember that those Interludes should lead to some interesting NPCs and maybe even new adventures for the Director to add in. If you have Realms of Cthulhu you know how easy it is to create new creatures for the team to take on, and soon What Screams are Made Of will be available with many, many new creatures and bad guys as well as tons of adventure seeds. So give it try and tell us what you think.

  3. This why I love random generators. They can deliver the inspirational spark that sends your imagination off in unexpected directions. Especially when they come up with something that at first does not seem to go together. Love the ones in AoO.

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