Missive #20: Beware the Ides of March

The raid on the Salvo uncovers the following intel:

The EDO is planning a strike mission against an Oblivion asset named Leonard Trilantes.  Trilantes is a research and development engineer and CEO for Generations Technologies and his research into bucky balls, advanced carbon molecules, threatens many industries as the technology may result in self-repairing metals, perfectly smooth and fire resistant surfaces, and could be used to end human dependence on fossil fuels for engine viscosity.  The world’s biggest industrialists and members of the Bilderburgs stand to lose billions of dollars if he is successful.  One of these industrialists, codenamed Iron Chancellor, has requested that EDO kill Trilantes and steal all data on his project, and destroy all evidence and research in his lab.

Trilantes has worked for years developing high technological devices for Oblivion and is a personal friend of Dante Russo.  Russo is a controller of several Oblivion cells and is in line to become a Director for Rome: Europe.  Apparently one of the cell team members is a double-agent whose codename is Veritas.  Veritas has been feeding the EDO and Pandora intelligence on various Oblivion operations.  The only evidence of Veritas was found on an email to Achaz Golgatha from Veritas.  It read simply “Trilantes and Russo 2100 03-15 Forum.”

Russo is meeting Trilantes at 9 pm on March 15 at a trendy bar known as the Forum in Naples.  The meet is for Russo to pass technical details of a new project called Menti si Offuscare (Mind of Confusion) that he needs Generations Technologies to develop.  The only ones who could possibly know about this meeting regarding Russo (using his real name) logically would be members of his own team.

So here are the mission objectives:  1.  Blanket Russo and Trilantes at the Forum to prevent any strike by EDO against Trilantes there.  2.  Mole-hunt to find out who is the double agent.

Mission Background for Director:  Controller Russo does not know about the operation, and his team will undoubtedly be providing security as well.  Nora may be persuaded by the team to contact Russo, but is overly hesitant to do so on “sketchy Sigint from an unknown source.”  She is also afraid that if the team moves too quickly on this data that Veritas will realize he/she is compromised and go to ground before being utilized for further intelligence operations.  The truth is that Russo and Nora have a history; once lovers, she was betrayed by him and he tried to have her burned (removed from position in Oblivion).  Russo is arrogant and believes his agents are the best (they are very, very good).  There are three of them assigned to his safety for this meet, and one of them is probably Veritas.

What does all this mean?  EDO is preparing a strike to assassinate Trilantes at the Forum.  There are three agents providing security for Russo and Trilantes and one of them is a traitor.  The agents do not know that Nora’s team is there as well and if the team moves too early may consider them enemies.  So generate some Seasoned Agents and an EDO team, and have fun with it.  Veritas will not attempt to warn the EDO team about the other Oblivion team (if he learns of them) as he desires to remain in deep cover for future operations.  If Trilantes is killed, well…that’s bad.  If Russo is taken or killed that’s worse!  If Russo is saved from the strike he is thankful to the team, but angry that Nora would order an operation such as this without his knowledge and he steadfastly refuses to believe that one of his people could be Veritas.  This sets the stage for future interagency issues between Nora and Russo and the knowledge that future missions could be compromised by Veritas.  Meanwhile another team of EDO specialists are attacking Generations Technology headquarters with the goal of stealing as much of the research as possible before destroying all data with an EMP bomb.    There will be fallout from all this!

Got it?  Have fun.

Till next time, make it shaken, not stirred with a slice of lemon.



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