The Witching Hour

Great games. Great people. I’m coming in right at the wire. [1. Okay. Maybe a little over if you’re actually keeping track.]

Today, I ran Agents of Oblivion and Ravaged Earth. I gotta say, Genghis Con is fantastic. And, as I said above, the people are great. [2. As in, solid gamers and fun folk.]

I’m signing off. I have more games to run and more people to me.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.

P.S. Hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll have some moments to talk about catching up with lots of great folks. Who knows? I may even name drop.

1 Note on “The Witching Hour”

  1. Awesome gaming with you, Sean. Rick Ripley and the Rocket Rangers will be a favorite memory of mine from now on. Giant radioactive llamas are no threat to the likes of the denzions of Ravaged Earth!

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