Missive #26: Another Way to Play!

Howdy folks.  Sorry I’m late on the Missive.  Really want to have these every Monday, but this is a very busy time in my alter ego’s life as a teacher.  So

I was thinking that it would be cool to put the agents in a position to react to an enemies mission.  Usually when we generate missions we generate the bad guys whose role is to prevent whatever the Oblivion agents are called upon to do.  How about switching the roles a bit.

I propose you generate a mission for an enemy agency, and allow your team of agents to prevent the enemy from attaining their goal.

Lets try it.  Pandora is the agency I’m going to generate a mission for.  I generate a Search and Rescue Mission.  Therefore the enemy agency is Oblivion. The Target is a scientist.  The Location is an Urban center, in a Regional area, I decide to use my Roma Bella campaign and decide to set it in Paris, France. The Plot type is Love.  Uh oh…hmmm….complication noted.  Oblivion’s goal is Conquest (to take over resources of Pandora).  The Complication is a Betrayal.  The Ally is a Doctor of Medicine, and the Main Enemy is a Tainted Human.  Got that?

Okay let’s attempt to make sense of this.  A Pandoran team of agents is on a Search and Rescue Mission to return Dr. Laura Peterson, a chemical biologist to Pandoran safety.  According to Pandoran Intelligence, Dr. Peterson has recently been captured by Oblivion and they hope to discover information about a secret project she has been developing for Pandora (let’s say it involves Alien DNA and genetic manipulation).  To complicate matters, the leader of the Pandoran team is Dr. Peterson’s lover and he is willing to do anything, kill anyone, to rescue her.  Unknown to her lover, however, is that Dr. Peterson came willingly to Oblivion hoping to stop the experiments that she considers unnatural and terrifying (Betrayal).  Now what about the Tainted Human?  It’s the Medical Doctor who was also involved in the research.  He has used their work to modify himself, unknown to Pandora, and is terrified that Dr. Peterson will reveal their secret research, and his tainted mind has made him unstable.  The Doctor is working with the Pandoran team to attempt a rescue of Dr. Peterson.

How does this work for your team?  They are sent to Paris to meet with Dr. Peterson, arrange a safe house and to gather information on her research.  The Pandoran team through some means (psychic?  Oblivion double agent? Or other means) discovers the location and attempts a rescue.

All that’s left is to generate the agents, allies, Dr. Peterson, and the Medical Tainted Doctor.  Outfit the Pandoran team for the mission and have the Oblivion team react and defend.  Could be fun.

Just another way to play!

Till next time,




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