So, What Are You Up To?

Yesterday, I told you what I’ve been up to and I appreciate the outpouring of well wishes sent to me via comments, on FB, Twitter, and via email. Thanks!

You know I’m a curious soul, however, so I’d like to hear what you’ve been doing in my absence. I understand some of you have been kicking off Agents of Oblivion campaigns. Fill me in! I’m still getting back up to strength, though I’m happy to report I got caught up a good bit with Ravaged Earth today. Progress is being made. More news as I get it.

So, c’mon folks, talk to me.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

6 Notes on, So, What Are You Up To?

  1. Me? I’m wrestling with a poorly formatted 1,000-page Word document generated from RoboHelp. I did get to spend some time messing around with a personal project in InDesign during lunch today, so that was cool. Also, downloaded Eclipse and the Android SDK last night and hope to play around with it some so I can learn how to create Android apps. Might take a stab at Chrome web apps sometime in the near future, too.

  2. I am playing a solo spy-game with my wife using AoO. I love this book (PDF but want to buy in print). I am also planning on running a B.P.R.D. one-shot game using the AoO and the horror companion at a local con here in Kansas city, KantCon.

  3. I’m preparing to polish off the last 6 weeks of tech college before the summer, and hope to then run a game afterwards.

    In fact, I’m hoping to purchase and run one of the Reality Blurs products for said game… but have no idea which one to run. At the moment, I’m trying to decide between Runepunk and Iron Dynasty; Both are very tempting… but ID is ahead if only due to the fact that the 4th Way of The Samurai game’s supposed to be coming out later this year.

    (Rambling side note: If you don’t know what Way Of The Samurai is, it’s a very niche PS2 / PS3 series of games that allows you to play a wandering samurai that ends up in a city. From there, the player can do almost anything they want. In fact… the third game has so many branching paths… there’s 21 unique endings. Very fun, and highly recommended if you can find a copy.)

    So yeah! Looking to possibly be a very Blurry summer!

  4. Putting the finishing touches on a weekly AoO game that will be run Tuesday nights at a local gaming store. We are going to run 2 1/2 hour games (missions) every week and hope to attract some newbies to SW and AoO.

    Writing another AoO game for a Savage Worlds monthly game that the Rocky Mountain Savages host.

    Also working on my Sci-Fi module with my team.

    Videogame wise I have been slowly working my way through Mass Effect 3 and playing shooters.

  5. Hey guys! Glad to hear about the gaming stuff! I like the Blurry Summer remark! Woot!

  6. I’m in the process of starting an AoO game, with a bit of a twist. I plan on running the game entirely through Tabletop Forge, mainly because I see it as a way to game with people you wouldn’t normally be able to. I’m using local players as a test group, and if all goes well, plan on posting an open invite.
    Yes, crazy, I know. :P

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