Missive 33: Oh Canada

Here’s the thing:  I never get to play.  Usually I’m the Director.  My friend Jerry and his 19 year old son Brandon have come up to visit and Jerry wanted to run Agents of Oblivion.  We’ve played a lot since last Sunday and I thought I’d share our missions with ya’ll.

My character’s real name is Christopher Gaines.  He was a lanky, nerdy kid in high school, but when his innate power (Disguise) developed he really blossomed.  He was recruited into Oblivion by Agent Emerald, a raven-haired beauty with blazing green eyes.  Emerald was a pre-cog and was developing a new cell.  Chris, who now went by the name John Smith and operating name “Chameleon,”  soon fell in love with Emerald, but he and Oblivion were betrayed by her when she was revealed as a double agent and fled.

Worried about Chameleon’s loyalties, Oblivion sent in another agent named O’rin Laremy, a half-Chinese, half-American to ascertain if he was still a loyal agent, or had been recruited deeper into Emerald’s plans.  Again he fell in love and O’rin left convinced of his loyalty to Oblivion.  This was all revealed in several interludes during our game play.

Jerry and I discussed the character and decided that as long as he made his Spirit roll, he was always in disguise.  The caveat was I had to develop several characters that he usually used.  John Smith, his normal visage, is that of a classic strong-jawed, well-proportioned agent.  The other is a blond female named Olivia.

Jerry’s son, Brandon, created a knife wielding agent named Jose Montoya, but his codename is “Gheist.”  The character is from Peru and had been a member of the Children of Enti.  He managed to steal an important alien artifact (a special blade) and fled becoming an enemy to that agency.  He was later recruited by Olivia to help start a new cell.  Yes, secretly I am Olivia, but Brandon doesn’t know that.  Chameleon always is gone when Olivia (Mister E) makes contact with a new mission brief.  Jerry runs Olivia in these situations and I’m wondering if Brandon will ever catch on to what’s happening.  I know he doesn’t read my missives, so I think I’m safe sharing this with ya’ll.

There was also an NPC member of our new cell who was a master of stealth and a deadly assassin named Nightmare.  He had been recruited by Emerald, had served in another cell and had been assigned to assist with the creation of this one.  The front they used was a 42’ sailing boat that they used to take tourists and vacationers out into the Atlantic Ocean and they began by living in Rio de Janeiro. (So yeah, they get to be beach bums, party, fish, sail, and occasionally do missions for Oblivion).

Our first mission began with Nightmare having abandoned the cell leaving no clue as to where he had gone and what he was doing.  John went to buy some groceries and Olivia met with Gheist giving the details of the mission.  They were to go to Canada, locate Emerald, and kill her.  The only clue was that she had been seen at the CNN tower in Toronto.  We took our loadouts, and I was allowed (even though it is Seasoned) to take the Legal Enforcement perk.   I became Noah Stanwich, Detective for the Canadian Mounties.

We went to the CNN building and I met with the Chief of CNN Security Robert MacKenzy (Bob MacKenzy ayyy!)  We discovered that the Canadian Prime Minister was due that evening to give a speech in the CNN building.  Fearing a possible assassination plot, Gheist discovered several video and audio bugs throughout the building.  He was able to hook into their broadcast signal and awaited the chance to triangulate to discover where the feeds were going. We also discovered a remote trigger that could be used to activate a large bomb.  Gheist managed to disable the trigger by changing the reception frequency. After we brainstormed a bit, we realized that someone had to have access to the entire building to plant the bugs we had discovered.  MacKenzy gave us access and we discovered a cleaning service that CNN used regularly.  I got the address and left to check out the service. (I had spent an equipment point to drive a beautiful new Dodge Charger).  Outside of the cleaning business I discovered Nightmare casing it as well.  After a brief confrontation he admitted that he was helping Emerald. That she had knowledge that Pandora was planning to kill the Prime Minister and were hoping to start World War III.  I asked him why and he said, “Because I love her.”  Sheez.  Okay.

He refused to give her up to me, but then a large cleaning van left the building and made its way towards the CNN tower.  Nightmare stated he would go into the Cleaners.  I got into the car and followed the van.  In a lucky happenstance a Canadian couple accidentally slammed into the side of the van.  I jumped out and began pursuing the four agents who escaped the van and were running.  Our first chase scene!  I managed to kill two of them, but the other two escaped. I returned to the van and found lots of monitoring equipment that had live feeds from the CNN building.  I used my comlink to warn Gheist.  He was speaking to a Canadian Secret Service agent and MacKenzy warning of a threat to the Prime Minister when MacKenzy drew his pistol and shot off the back of the Secret Service agent’s head.  An epic battle ensued in which neither MacKenzy or Gheist could defeat the other.  MacKenzy was wearing the bomb and threatened to use the trigger to blow it up if Gheist continued to fight him.  Suddenly the elevator on the floor opened and out stepped Emerald who shot and killed MacKenzy.  She reminded Gheist that he had already disabled the bomb!  LOL

Hearing that Emerald was there, I immediately began making my way up the Security station of the CNN tower, not knowing if I could or should kill Emerald or not.

Gheist had no such hesitation and began attempting to complete the mission.  Another epic battle ensued until finally Gheist was able to wound her.  She attempted to make her escape to the elevator (key music: Lady from Empinada).  The doors open and I am standing there in my disguise as a Canadian Mountie.  Emerald attempted to attack me, so I had no choice but to fire.  Ace’d lots of damage and Emerald was dead. We quickly searched her body and found an amulet that Gheist recognized as being a symbol of the Children of Enti.

We had managed to complete our assassination mission, foiled a Pandoran plan to start all kinds of trouble, saved the Canadian Prime Minister’s life, and it was all good.  Except that Nightmare was still out there somewhere and we do not know when he will show up again.  Oblivion proved that Emerald had been an Agent for the Children of Enti and believed that she had indeed come to stop the Prime Minister’s assassination by Pandoran agents.

More to come…

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