Mister E Missive #10: Creating an Agency

Welcome back agents.  I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and is looking forward to a great Holiday Season.  I thought today, I’d create a new agency for us to play with.

To begin with, I roll a d20 three times on the Agency Name Generator found in the Agents of Oblivion rulebook.  I rolled a 1 which results in “The”, then I rolled an 18—so the second word of the name is Security, and the last roll is a 6, so the final name of the new agency is The Security Directive.  Sound ominous.

Now to find out about the factors that let us know the details of the agency.  Remember the factors are Alien, Conspiracy, Horror, Occult, Technology, and Influence.  The ratings to be generated range from None, Low, Moderate, and to High. Each is generated by rolling a d8.  So here are the results:

Alien:  None

Conspiracy:  Low

Horror:  Moderate

Occult:  Moderate

Technology:  Moderate

Influence:  Low

Interesting.  It seems The Security Directive uses technology to fight against horrific creatures and the occult.  It is a small operation, and they probably are mercenaries for hire to deal with these paranormal things.

The  agency’s purpose is a d20, and I rolled a 17 which is a Technology result.  Hmm…how to make this fit?  Okay, after some thought here is what I’ve come up with.  The Security Directive is a para-military mercenary group specializing in fighting paranormal creatures and the occult.  They have weapons’ technology that is specific to various creature weaknesses, and are always looking to upgrade their weapons to kill more creatures of the night.  To these guys it’s personal.  They want to protect “mankind” against the nightmarish creatures that stalk humanity.

So, what do you think?  Are these guys usable?  Kinda a Monster Hunters Incorporated thing.    Let us know how your games are going.

Till next time, Keep it Savaged, and keep the darkness at bay.


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