Mister E Missive #9: Give Thanks

Now for something completely different.  Happy Thanksgiving to all our American fans out there, those of you in other nations, I hope you also have many wonderful things to be thankful for in your lives.

As for me, I’m thankful to Sean Preston for allowing me to assist in writing Agents of Oblivion.  I love the setting and the work we have done for it, and the work still to come promises to be awesome.

I’m thankful to Shane Hensley and JD Wiker, who gave me enough advice to continue writing in the RPG industry.

I’m thankful for the awesome goodness that is Savage Worlds, and the fantastic fans that make it fun for all.

I’m thankful for my long-time partners with 12 to Midnight, Preston Dubose, Jerry Blakemore, Trey Gorden, Neal Hyde, Craig Largent, Brendan Quinn, and Mark Ramsey.

I’m thankful for all the wonderful games I’ve been blessed to play with wonderful people at tables ranging from my parent’s home, to many apartments, two homes, and many-many Cons.

I’m thankful to everyone that buys anything I write.  It’s flattering and humbling, to know that something I’ve worked on with such enjoyment, can bring enjoyment to others.

I’m thankful for those that write back to us and let us know what worked, and what didn’t work.

Of course, I’m thankful to my wife Tracey who allows me this creative outlet, my two boys who love gaming, and all my wonderful friends back in Houston, Austin, and Bryan for their support and friendship through the years.

I’m grateful for health, sanity (some might argue this one), friends, family, my church, and God.

May you all be blessed and find something to be grateful for.  Remember this, gaming is a gift of friendship. So go make friends and Game ON!

Peace!  (But keep those guns loaded!  Just in case.)

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