Autumnal Efforts

Hello All!

This may be one of the most austere updates ever, but that’s how it is sometimes!

1. Ravaged Earth is through edits.

2. Shaintar is in edits.

3. What Screams Are Made Of is in in edits.

4. Echo of Dead Leaves continues to devour my brains, my soul, and my creativity. I’m too close to it at the moment to evaluate when it will be done, rather I’m closing in on the component elements consisting of a first draft.

Something I didn’t mention you’re curious about? Ask and I shall answer!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!




3 Notes on, Autumnal Efforts

  1. To what degree will Shaintar resemble its 2007 Talisman Studios incarnation? Similar, or whole new animal?

    I’m looking at the old edition – it has a nice mix of virtues and flaws. I have this strange feeling that you’ll somehow manage to improve an already nifty product.

  2. The reboot has some major upgrades based on (a) learning more about the strengths of the Savage Worlds system, (b) adding in some fantastic elements developed by Reality Blurs, like Racial Edges and (c) updating extensively for Savage Worlds Deluxe.

    As well, I’ve gone all out to really -expand- the genre, including things like High Magic, Heroic Edges, and more.

    I believe you will be sincerely impressed and pleased.

    ~ SPF

  3. Anything else for Realms of Cthulhu on the horizon?

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