Mister E Missive #6: Generating a Mission

Howdy Agents,

I thought I’d generate a mission and put flesh on its bones to show how the process works and just how easy it is to create missions for your cells.  I rolled on the Mission Generator and a 5 resulted in a Protection type mission.  The agents needed to protect somebody or something. The mission type requires a Target, Enemy Agency, 2 Locations, Plot, 2 Complications, an Ally, and a special Enemy.

The Target to be protected was a Military Officer.  Okay.  Somebody wants him dead or wants to capture him.  Next, I generated that the Enemy Agency was Pandora.  Easy enough.  The starting Location was regional and exotic.  After some thought I decided to place it on a private island somewhere in the Caribbean.  The ending Location turned out to be a Corporate Office.  I decided it would be an Oblivion Front in Miami.

The Plot proved more evocative.  I generated Wretched Excess.  So, our military officer went from just a military guy who knew something important, to an insane military officer who knows too much!  Scenes from Apocalypse Now played happily in my brain.

The first Complication is a Love Interest.  I decided I’d come back to her after finishing the mission.  The second Complication was 1d6 Enemy Reinforcements.  Cool.

The Ally would be an archaeologist.  I decided that this would be the love interest and put her aside again for a moment to finish the mission generator.  The main Enemy proved to be an Agent.  Pandoran obviously.  So the muscles and internal organs are all there, just need to add the skin and this baby would be alive.

I began to work with what I had, spinning it around in my cabeza and here is what I came up with.  The agents would have to travel to an exotic, remote, jungle island and search out Major Terry Wayne of the US army.  He had travelled to the island on vacation with his love interest, Dr. Nancy Kain, a renowned archaeologist, to assist her with investigating an ancient ruin near the center of the island.  Infil would be by a private yacht, and the team would have to search the island to find and recover the major.  Why?  Hmm….the last contact with Wayne and Kain stated that they had disturbed something and needed help immediately.  Oblivion intercepted Pandoran communications ordering a team to the island immediately.  Not knowing the danger, but knowing that if Pandora was interested, then Oblivion should do everything in its power to stop them.  Yeah, that could work.

This mission is starting to definitely have the “disturbed what man was not meant to know vibe.”  Whatever they had disturbed was bad enough to cause Wayne to go crazy.  After a bit of thought I decided that they had uncovered some sort of creature/civilization and that Wayne, in his insanity, now serves them.  I decided that Kain is running for her life and hiding from Wayne, who is searching the island for her to bring her back to his new “masters.”  Pandora knows something of the creatures and realized through their own psychics/research that they wanted to take control of the situation.  Of course Major Wayne, was a member of the US Special Forces and knows many embarrassing secrets that the US government wishes to keep concealed.  The agents mission briefing tells them to travel to the island, locate Wayne, extract him, and bring him safely to the Office Front in Miami to be turned over to Oblivion specialists.

Excellent! (Mr. Burn’s voice, fingers steepled gleefully over my laptop).

Next time, I’ll generate the creatures Wayne serves.

Send us your own generated missions.  Send them to MisterE@Oblivioncentral.com


Do you have any questions for us?  Anything you would like to see in future missives?  Let me know!  I’ll see what I can deaddrop.

Till next time, keep on rolling aces,


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