Guesting at Genghis Con XXXIII

Hello all,

I’m delighted to be asked to be the Gaming Guest at Genghis Con! I’ve known about it for a bit. We’ve been working out the logistics and I was having to get information their way. I look forward to seeing my friends, Ron and Veronica Blessing, there, as well as say hello to Neal Hyde, and meet and game with all the Rocky Mountain Savages I can!

I’ll be officially running four games, though I look forward to seeing what other games and mischief I can get into while I’m there! I haven’t been west of the Mississippi in a long time, and can’t think of a place I’d rather be than Denver, Colorado mid-February. I’ll be sure to pull out my Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Don’t tell me it’s cold and snowy. I have this vision in my head of tropical breezes, a white sandy beach, and, well, I’ll be running games and hanging out with some cool people, so who really cares what the weather’s like, right? It’s always summer on the inside.

If you live in the area and never make it east of the Mississippi for any of the conventions and want to meet me, c’mon out. We’ll talk shop (which in my case is publishing, producing, and writing games) and hang out. Bring your books and I’ll be more than happy to sign them. Not just my books. I’ll autograph pretty much any book you hand me. Why not? Right?

More details will be forthcoming as I get them! Look forward to seeing ya there!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


9 Notes on, Guesting at Genghis Con XXXIII

  1. Huzzah for Genghis Con! I’m lucky enough to live in the Denver area and have been attending the conventions here (Genghis Con in February and TactiCon in September) since I got into gaming a couple of years ago. For what it’s worth, February is usually a pretty dry month in this part of Colorado. We might get some snow, but probably not like we’ll get in March and April. We even get the odd day in January/February where the temperature gets up to 70 degrees – although I personally will be spending most of my time indoors at the convention, of course!

    I hope you have a great time at the Con; I always have so far.

  2. Looking forward to meeting you. Genghis is going to be so much fun. I hope I can get in a few of your games. I hear there might be a super secret game one night. As the “Savage Mommy” I must know about all secrets.

    Rocky Mountain Savages

  3. I used to live in Denver.. bummer. I guess I’ll have to try to get you here for GameStorm in Vancouver, Wa / Portland, OR area.

  4. We’re happy to have you, Sean. Here’s hoping it will be fun for all!

    Linda Weygant
    RPG Coordinator
    Denver Gamers

  5. “I have this vision in my head of tropical breezes, a white sandy beach…”

    I feel certain that you’ve got the breezes and white part exactly right. As for the rest, enjoy your indoor stay!
    I’ll be inflicting insanity at Kublacon, which I like to think of as “son of Ghenghis Con”, that weekend.

    Lord Mhor
    Taunting the Universe
    As Usual

  6. I am running a Steampunk game based on the AoO rules at GenghisCon. It will be a “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” style game.

  7. We’ll make sure you get some Denver treats. Do you like your Rocky Mountain Oysters on the side or just for dessert?

  8. Gobbo, that sounds cool. We’ll need to talk! :)

    Neal, I only eat oysters from the ocean (preferably on the half shell), thanks! :D

  9. Your two slots of Agents of Oblivion were sold out shortly after registration opened up, the Realms of Cthulhu game has just one seat left, and the Ravaged Earth game is filling up. Looks like we’ll have to chain you to a table and make you GM more slots. I’ll have the oysters delivered.

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