Monday Tricked Me!

Today went sideways, simple as that. No excuses. No remorseful reflections back. It was just devoured by things. My time was eaten by actions.

None of these actions were life-changing. None of them required more than mere moments of time, slender slivers of seconds on the clock which turned into minutes then grew into hours and the next thing I know, I’m glancing up from the keyboard ready to start writing and the day has passed me by.

I’m not upset. Things got done. I got layout complete for the RunePunk release later this week. I answered some questions, did a bit of writing (but I don’t really consider rewriting writing, but some do), and I had a few conversations (with such folks as Kristian Serrano, Norm Hensley, and the ubiquitous Sean Patrick Fannon). No, I’m not putting links up today. Yes, it’s that kind of day. You have the internet. You’re soaking in it.

I listened to a bit of music and I pondered things I’ll be writing. Some more work on Echo of Dead Leaves awaits, plus I really need to get some adventures and guidebooks in the can for Agents of Oblivion and I need to review the proposed structure for the RunePunk guidebooks as well (and I’m really looking forward to working on them). I also have to somehow interweave some work on those projects not ready to see the light of day. Monday tricked me. No real chaos, just a slow leak in my intent for the day, but the fuel poured into the blurry engine anyway, so forward momentum continues.

For our Iron Dynasty fans, I should remind you that Guidebook #2 came out last week, but for some unknown reason, it didn’t show up on the New Products List on RPGNow or DTRPG, so it may have gone under your radar. ┬áIf you love us and haven’t gotten it, get it. Will ya?!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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