Ninja and Agents, They Dance in My Head

My grand experiment, as I told you, failed, well, grandly. Today seemed like an extra Thursday or, possibly, a Monday with phone calls and fires to put out, all the while dealing with the resolution of an adventure I was plugging away on. Despite the attempts of outside influences, I have completed the project I hoped to complete yesterday, and “my day off” winds up being a few scant hours of melancholy sunshine. Regardless, it is still a welcome respite, and I feel I have restored some order to the recent chaos.

I can now reflect on things complete, and look again at things yet to be. I spoke with Ed Wetterman, and he’s excited about the progress of Agents of Oblivion, and when I speak with the guys, my excitement bounces up ¬†as well. I’m more pragmatic and tend to put my laser-like focus on the project at hand (which has been a whole lot of Iron Dynasty of late), but like I told him, “I love all my children”. I feel Agents of Oblivion has really matured and come together over the expanse of time we’ve worked on it, and it’s ever nearing the time we release the blessed thing into the wild. There is darkness to be defeated and who’s better equipped then the Agents I ask you?

We already began spinning ideas for support materials, so as we ramp up to get that puppy out the door for Savage Worlds, you can rest assured, there is going to be more things coming at you then Nazi-clones on crank armed with automatic shotguns. See? That’s what you get! I read a proposal Ed shot my way for AoO and it made me want to go play immediately. I’m certain you’ll feel the same. Can you feel that? It’s excitement growing, buddy.

Go forth. Do good things. Grab a copy of the Agents of Oblivion Beta Guide if you want to see the shiny goodness heading your way. Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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