Oblivion Draws Ever Nearer

Today, I managed to surprise myself and throw off the shackles of entropy to run through a final pass on Agents of Oblivion. I spent the bulk of the day carefully going through each and every page, reviewing the notes, reading the text, and it was all cleaned up except for a little bit of┬áhead-scratching about languages. I had it in my head to do them a certain way–and the way did work–but it was a bit more complex than I (or the gang) really wanted.

I talked with Norm briefly about it and I got off the phone still uncertain. I didn’t want to sidebar languages if there was a better solution and accents are just so much a part and parcel of the spy genre, I didn’t want to strip them completely away. So, I posted my question on Twitter. John Rogers and Rob Donoghue immediately gave me some responses which flipped the light switch on in the old, grey matter and I cut out the section on languages I had so vigorously defended and replaced it with a much easier solution which still preserves the vibe I wanted.

Some folks find the social media channels a distraction and I can see where it can be, but today it enabled me to put to bed this last, niggling vestige of my old design methodologies. Many thanks to John and Rob!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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