Knocking Off the Cobwebs

Each and every time the convention season draws near, I can think of a thousand reasons not to go, and Origins was no different. When I got back, I was absolutely exhausted and slept some deep, deep sleep. My dreams were strange, yet brought great clarity to me when I awakened. I am invigorated. I am refreshed. I needed to get away from the usual sights and sounds and out into the world. The more I reflect upon it, the more I’m truly glad I went.

Things did not explode in my absence. In fact, it was as though I didn’t miss a beat. Yippee.

Cobwebs have disappeared. I got to meet –and game with–some truly fantastic folks and talk shop. This has had the effect of bleeding into my creativity and I’m diving back into things with a renewed enthusiasm. I said I’d be talking about Origins some of this week, but it may reveal itself in random glimmerings, feelings, and impressions. More of an atmosphere than an absolute. Approaching it this way, I find intriguing. We’ll see how long the magic lasts. Won’t we?

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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