There are Words and There are WORDS

Today, I moved through the morass of correlating last bits and pieces. Eyeing every little word and making sure they all behaved themselves like they ought. Some proved unruly. Others downright rude. In the end, I kicked them in the teeth and made them toe the line as I marched them into layout.

Now, layout is an entirely different beast when one’s going to print. There is less room for error and it’s been awhile since I’ve personally laid out anything with an eye towards being rendered in physical form. A little anxiety arises–it’s natural. However, this is combined with excitement, exhilaration, and an opportunity to finally share the experience I (and my team) have had with Agents of Oblivion with others.

People are anticipating it, none more than me. I want it to be just so. As always, we’ll see how this whole thing comes together, but I may well post up bits and pieces of samples and mock-ups to see what you, the viewing audience think.

Let me know. Would you like to see a glimpse through the iterative process of design and development? I did this once before some odd years ago and it got a good response. Might be kind of fun to do it again.

If you’d like me to do it, please post in the comments below. I have a secret threshold of the number of comments I’d like to see before I do it, so get your friends to come over and post something (please don’t be rude or spam us)!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


3 Notes on, There are Words and There are WORDS

  1. Hey Sean

    I’m busting a gut waiting for Agents of Oblivion so, any snippets you’re prepared to post will be most welcome. That and an insight into the design process will be very informative. Go for it!!

  2. I think this would be fascinating to see. Please give us a peek into the construction of this book!

  3. I’d love to get a glimpse.

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