One Sheets to the Wind

Hello All,

I’ve had the pleasure of reading through some wonderful One Sheets prepared by Dave McGuire and Barry Green, two of the first RunePunk players on this sphere. Barry suffered through the multiple incarnations of the development cycle while Dave scored one of the first copies of RunePunk out of my trunk and shared a nice lunch with me at that neat restaurant in Columbus, Ohio during Con on the Cob last year. Y’know, the one with the X-Wing out front. Right?

I’m hoping to get them into layout and onto the website shortly.

In the interim, I’ve been keeping myself busy working on some Agents of Oblivion jazz. Things are darkly spiraling ever closer to my vision for the setting. I’m in the zone and having a wonderful time crunching and flavoring as required.

Oh yeah. I haven’t slept much lately. I do some of my best writing in a fugue state, so it’s okay.

Until next time.



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