Thick and Thin

Hello All,

As Reality Blurs is suddenly thrust out there upon boards all over the net with people asking about RunePunk, we realize how sheltered we’ve been within the cocoon of the Pinnacle Forums, nestled away in the Licensees Section. What wonderful, encouraging folks the Savages are.

We know it’s a tough industry and a tough market and gamers are demanding sorts, but so are we. I’ve gamed and written for a long time and was even a moderator for Bioware a lifetime ago, so I know just how some people can be and so grin and shrug, read the nice things and the not-so-nice things and resume typing away. I’m happy with the work I put (and continue to put) into RunePunk. Nothing’s perfect in this big, broad world, but it delights and excites me to no end to hear the wonderful stories people are already sharing about RunePunk. Not just any stories, but their stories. It’s an absolute delight to think of all those people wandering the streets and fringes and barrens of ScatterPoint and I humbly appeal to Umbriel to watch over each and every one.

Take care and keep your eyes sharp.

Thank you,


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