Orwell Industries Available for M&M Superlink and Other Oddities

Hello All.

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it now. Orwell Industries is now available for M&M Superlink. We’re quite proud of it and hope you’ll check it out and, maybe, even buy it. ;)

I’ve wrapped up the changes for the SW Version and shall be sending that in for review shortly.

I also had a lunch meeting today with the local writer I mentioned last week and things look good. We exchanged a rapid succession of emails over the course of the last week and everything should be a go in the next few days. The SWARM will buzz your way before you know it. :)

Let’s not forget Oblivion, shall we? I’ve been in talks with yet another talented individual who may yet grace us with her incisive writing style and unique take on things.

That’s not to say I haven’t been working either. Getting Orwell out there is a big accomplishment for our team, but I immediately dove into the next thing which I’ll detail out more in the Iron Dynasty section of the site.



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