Psychotic Constellations

This week has been chaotic and exciting on multiple levels. The new computer. The new OS. Revealing the tremulus proofs. Getting Ravaged Earth (electronically) out the door.

But there is always more to be done. And other parts of life get in the way.

We often say REAL LIFE gets in the way, but let’s face it. For myself, and other creative types, this is our real life. It’s glorious, and ugly, and fascinating. And a dozen (or more) words cannot even hope to capture a fraction of who any of us really are.

As someone who works largely in the realm(s) of imagination, I have to regularly contend with folks who don’t view what I do as real work. A lot of folks don’t get it unless you are physically doing something. When they see a book you’ve done, the irony is they aren’t seeing you working, but the results of the work, the real, the tangible, translates and cements the concrete ideal you are actually working (and not perpetrating some elaborate hoax).

Social media adds another perspective to all of this. And serves to further add complexity to the life of a creative. There is a fine line between sharing, promoting, being yourself, being a talking head, and being honest to god excited. Wearing many hats requires shifts in focus. Over the years, I’ve grown largely content to just be myself. It keeps things easier. Also, it reeks less of desperation. This is my whole gig. This is my life. I need to eat. My kid needs stuff for school. And you know that. These needs prompt creativity. So, sometimes, I promote stuff, because this is a business after all, and we’ve gotta keep the lights on.

And while I don’t always talk about the words, the process, or countless other elements of design. Each and every one of these things has a bearing upon the other, like some psychotic constellation shadowing my life in starlight.

I want you to know I do love the words. I love the writing. I love stringing glowing bits of madness together, and seeing what it becomes.

Go forth. Do good things.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.

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