The Default Setting

Today has been bone-crushingly weary. It was not entirely a bad day. In fact, parts of it were very, very good, if not downright outstanding. Yet, some of the other parts, dragged me down. I’ve been pulled in a lot of different directions, pulled off of center, pulled off my default setting of creator, and more into the role of technician, and administrator, and forced to dust off hats not worn in this capacity in some time. The reason? There is just some stuff I have to do myself, whether I really want to our not.

Technical stuff, I generally don’t mind doing, when it’s going well. When it goes a bit sideways, then I’m not thrilled. As I’m migrating data over, I get time to think about this transition, and how the bulk of my work can be distilled down into a handful of code. a sparkling array of zeroes and ones trailing off into infinity. Or at least spinning away from one device to another.

I have migrated most of the important bits from my (now) secondary computer, onto the new one. They reside, nestled away in their corners, for the time they can again come to light. I hope to get to them in full earnest on the morrow, and let the distractions of the technology (both its glorious looks and net-yet-mastered architecture) rest for a bit. This upgrade has been a major undertaking, and I have let myself become a bit overtired. Yet, tomorrow is a new day.

In other words, I hope to no longer study the composition of this new canvas, nor talk as much of the tools, but revisit the craft with renewed focus. And, so, I shall return to my default setting.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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