Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

Okay. Not really, but they used to. When I was in high school, then military school, then when I had a real job. Now, they blur from one day to the next with typically little differentiation, except that I know my friends are working.

Yesterday, my friend, Barry and I, met at the local hobby store, Triple Play, and went over RunePunk stuff. Our regular group is currently scattered to the four winds, so we did a one on one dissection of the setting rules, with him playing the Coroner and me the Chief Medical Examiner. (No, I don’t watch CSI, just too much Law and Order.) All told, the autopsy went pretty well, he dug what I’ve done with Inventors and, I assure you, they are cool.

So, that’s the tease for today. I’ve tweaked Inventors to my satisfaction and got the Chemists nearly in line. Stupid Chemists with their chemicals and not wanting to follow their rules and their stupid chemicals. They rebelled and demanded to be their own Arcane Background, so their ya go. And Wind Ups? They tried to be bossy too, but we d4’d them into submission. And Automatons? They obeyed, just like they’re programmed to do.

All in all, a productive, dare I say, meeting? :P



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