Reading, Writing, & Layout, Oh My!: (with an Insidious Release Schedule)

Today was a mixture of phone calls, writing, some reading, and layout all mixed together. In other words, very busy!

Layout work was completed for the next Iron Dynasty Guidebook dropping later this week and I nearly finished with the first RunePunk Guidebook. I just need to finish writing up some statistics, and then it’s off to edits. (Shhhh! The plan is to get the first RunePunk Guidebook out very soon. *cross fingers*)  Yes. I heart my editorial staff!

Tomorrow, I’ll be working on the next RunePunk adventure, and I’ve already got the idea sketched out so it should come together quite nicely. As with ID, the plan is to have the guidebook/complementary model moving forward, offered up in our signature, streamlined digest format. The plan is to have the next Jobbers Tale released the fourth week of the month while next week should see the release of the next Old School Fantasy adventure by Dave Olson All the hard work we’ve been doing is paying off. We’re more efficient than ever and your support is making it all possible. The hits just keep coming.

All that to say, I’ve got little slack time these days. When my work day ends, I’ve been watching tv, goofing around a bit with my Nook Color, and wondering what the next day brings. I’m also wondering how I’m going to juggle next month’s releases as Origins arrives. Really? Already?!

Apologies if I’m not particularly reflective today and it seemed more like a release announcement. It just sort of happened. You do come here to find out what’s going on in my noggin in any case. Right?  it’s just been one of those days which has cracked open my bones and sucked the marrow out of them while keenly watching me quietly wince out of the corner of its eye. I attribute it to a poor night’s sleep and a busy day wandering about the boroughs of GreyMesa.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!



2 Notes on, Reading, Writing, & Layout, Oh My!: (with an Insidious Release Schedule)

  1. Looking forward to the RunePunk Guidebook, but even moreso to a fully expanded Agents of Oblivion.

  2. Hiya Gary,

    Guidebooks are support products for RunePunk. I’m working on some of them and adventures while Agents of Oblivion goes through edits (and I’m already working on Guidebooks and Adventures for them as well). I’m looking to seeing it kicked back my way in the next few days. It’s moving full steam ahead!



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