Reality Blurs to release Ravaged Earth!

Reality Blurs has worked out an arrangement with Eric Avedissian, the creator of Ravaged Earth, to finally bring his vision to life, a project most of you know as The Ravaged Earth Society or TRES. Although available for free on the web, we felt the property was strong enough –and the demand great enough- to offer this work to you in both print and PDF formats. We’ve established the look and feel of the work and have already begun moving the Ravaged Earth into layout and final edits. We are approaching this project very aggressively and hope you won’t have to wait much longer until you can hold this book in your hands. The price point and final page count have yet to be determined, but this offering is to be a full color softback cover with black and white interior. We plan to offer a Ravaged Earth Deluxe edition, the RED book will be softback and full color throughout. Release date and price point TBA. With the revitalization of the project, Eric promises to dive back into his development of support materials with a frenzy! Stay tuned for more details.



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