Realms of Cthulhu and You

Not surprisingly, despite all of the things we have in the works, Realms of Cthulhu gets a lot of questions about when it’s coming out, how is the sanity system going to work, and what kind of games you can play with it. Here are a few answers.

The bulk of the manuscript is complete. Art orders have begun to go out as of last week and we’re quite pleased to have made arrangements with a cover artist who is very familiar with the genre. So, to put a fine point on it, things are proceeding right on schedule. News on the actual release date hinge upon a few variables, so we can’t actually tell you when, yet. Rest assured, however, that RoC is getting all the attention it deserves and it is our utmost priority. That being said, I prefer to make haste slowly, and all of the additions that we have made to the core Savage Worlds system to capture the dark visions of the Lovecraftian Mythos have gone under heavy scrutiny and integrate seamlessly into the game. Whether you’re a long time Savage or will be joining Savage Worlds for the first time, you will have a satisfying experience with Realms of Cthulhu.

The sanity system, naturally, gets a lot of questions, because it is so necessary and intimately connected with the horror of Cthulhu and its ilk. The big reveal is not forthcoming here, but you will find the flexibility and common sense approach you’ve come to expect from Reality Blurs within the pages. We’ve worked on horror before and, more specifically, sanity systems for other game systems, so we’re not taking a shot in the dark on this. We’ve got several approaches you can fine tune to set the degree of madness that you, as the Keeper, want in your game. We have our preferences and we’re sure you’ll have yours. This is in no way diluting the experience, but expanding the scope of the narrative.

Horror comes in all flavors and shapes. Realms of Cthulhu is equipped to handle any of the myriad stylings you’re looking to play. One of the first questions we asked ourselves is whether we were going to place our setting rules in a specific time and place or be more expansive. There were challenges to both, but I finally decided to model the core campaign book after the three classic periods set forth in the Call of Cthulhu rpg, and then expand into certain spaces with follow-up support products and plot point books. Realms of Cthulhu plans to live up to its name and take you into unknown territory in a very Savage manner.

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