Recharging Batteries (Literally and Figuratively)

Today, I’ve been playing catch up in the reality I’ve found myself. Last night I had extreme difficulty sleeping and stayed up until 3 (or so) in the morning watching episodes of DS9 on Netflix. (I’ve mentioned my recent attraction to watching all the Star Treks, so there ya go.)

When I did get up, I had already planned to take care of a few loose business ends (and I’ve managed to handle most of those) and spend a goodly part of the day doing all the mundanities a carbon-based life form must. I’ve done at least a million loads of laundry, wrestled with my truck (and the wonderful joys of jump-starting a vehicle by one’s lonesome), and drove around while it recharged. I’m feeling mainly human, and as I handled these things which, in isolated instances aren’t particularly aggravating, but in the aggregate, when stored all up, are a burdensome nuisance. It’s as though I’m finally waking up from a coma or a veil is being lifted from my eyes and I see all these things which need doing.

I admit intense focus is both a gift and a curse. We have to pause to enjoy the landscape as we head towards our next destination or what’s the point? I strive for balance in my life. It’s a pity a train wreck is sometimes required for us to reorient ourselves and refocus. I’ve been pushing myself hard this year and a lot’s come out of it. I’m going to reassess our release schedule for 2012 so it can be both realistic and provide me with some creative space to work on some pet projects without grinding myself into the dirt. We work hard because we are filled with passion. We must take care not to let the passion grow too intense and destroy us in the process.

How do you let your hair down to recharge? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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