Release the Hounds

Okay, well, maybe not the hounds, but stuff is on the horizon. I’m furiously working to clear out the backlog of stuff we’ve had in development or, worse yet, awaiting layout.

What does this mean to you? Good stuff is on the way. Some things long overdue shall be seeing the light of day in the upcoming months. As always, we appreciate your support and patronage!



1 Note on “Release the Hounds”

  1. I think you should come up with some nice Savage Worlds stats for a “Backlog”, something that actually DOES lurk behind doors – something that a character could actually defeat with the boar spear mentioned over in Facebook.

    Perhaps it might resemble some unspeakably hybridized thing, somewhere between an old-school gelatinous cube and the Jabberwocky?

    Just a thought…

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