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As prompted by certain individuals now on the Oblivion Watch list, we here at Oblivion Central felt it our obligation to address certain questions.

Nick wrote:

I have a setting-specific question that was probably already covered somewhere else, but what is the duty of the agents of Oblivion. Do they investigate supernatural occurences, fight them, or what?


Q&A Breakdown

Do they…

investigate supernatural occurences?

Short answer. Yes. The Agents of Oblivion, as members of the IFO (Investigation and Field Operations) Branch of Oblivion, are responsible for exploration, investigation, and covert operations of unexplained phenomena. Diverse recruitment and intense training aid in preparing Agents for field work.

fight them?
As necessary. See covert operations (above.) Agents do encounter situations requiring them to exercise extreme prejudice in the field. Thus they are commonly equipped with a variety of gear and gadgets to handle a broad range of scenarios.

or what?

As assigned. Due to the expertise and experience of IFO Agents, they are required to serve as adjuncts to the CTU (Counter-Terrorism Unit) Branch of Oblivion when so directed. Not all evil is otherworldly and IFO Agents understand that their expertise can aid in eliminating nightmares originating from more mundane sources.

We hope you find this information most illuminating.


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