Agents of Oblivion: Designer Notes

Hello All.

I’ll be more optimistic this week and talk about Oblivion. Suit you well enough?

Since the latter part of last week, I mulled over how I’m going to specifically handle the Big Book. I’ve decided a handful of things. It’s going to be an open setting. Why? Well, I’m going to be developing this for multiple fronts.

True20 and Savage Worlds at the very least with possibly one more system into the mix. As the intent is to customize these works for each system, we find it only proper to separate the adventures from the main book. The True20 crowd typically comes from the D20 demographic and is used to the open setting. If you’re a True20 player, this means you’re used to being given the flavor of the setting without a campaign written out for you, think Blue Rose for the finest example. You’ve got details on how to make characters for that world, clear descriptions of what’s in that world, and a nice bestiary in it detailing various organizations and adversaries. Speaking of adversaries, I’m working out something particularly exciting on that front as we speak!

Additionally, there’s a lot that has to be crammed into the Big Book. In addition to rules on Agent creation, there is a slew of weapons and various other gear, rules on custom gadget creation, vehicle creation and chase rules, an expanded sanity section giving even more detail to the rules on fear and terror you’ll find in the Worlds of Adventure, along with various shadow organizations, including the Pandora Institute, and what’s going on where globally, along with a setting specific bestiary. I’m getting jazzed up just thinking about this! What more could you ask for?

Oh yeah. Adventures. In addtion to the original adventures we have lined up, we have some outstanding adventures we’ll be offering from the minds of 12 to Midnight and customized specifically for Agents of Oblivion. You’ll be able to view favorites such as Bloodlines and Weekend Warriors through the calculating eye of an Agent. Will things turn out differently for you and your crew this go round?

Wow. I didn’t plan on that turning into some type of pitch. I am just chomping at the bit to get this out the door so you guys can catch the full effect of Oblivion in the flavour of your choice.

Keep it real!


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