Scatterpoint, Samurai, and Secret Agents

Hello All.

This past week, the draft of RunePunk GM’s Guide was finished as I completed the remaining plot points, story hooks, and added some additional detail to the various City Districts and Barrens Regions. I’m happy to say some interesting stuff popped in there at the last minute, some ideas I had been hoping to explore. I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

Which means, what next? I spoke on the phone with Scott Gearin of Spycraft 2.0 about some of the details of moving forward with an Agents of Oblivion Powered by Spycraft. The conversation was solid. Scott is a pleasant fellow who took a bit of good natured ribbing about the massiveness of their work and I look forward to catching up with him at GenCon and told him I’d definitely swing by and try to say hello to Patrick at the Mongoose booth during Origins.

So, I’m starting to plunge more fully into the Agents of Oblivion work as the editors start doing their editorial duties with RunePunk. I’ve gotta say, a part of me really enjoys the editing process. Refining what is already there is nice and it’s always a pleasure to see the end in sight and take advantage of the insight of others. Having RunePunk finished is a big load off as well. Sure, there is more work ahead, but it’s a wonderful thing to not think…RunePunk…I still need to draft up the rest of those Talus, put in stat blocks for the Slag Rats, and finish that handful of Savage Tales. Can you say, Woo-hoo?! Sure ya can.

So, after this, I got to come up for air and check in on the Iron Dynasty gange and address some of the concerns that have come up. For example, I’ve been discussing with Barry some of the inner workings of the Kikai. (The Kikai are the steamtech war machines the various kingdoms use to oppress their people.) Naturally, when thrown out to the playtesters, we discussed whether to make them really tough or allow them to be nigh impenetrable (i.e. have Heavy Armor.) If the latter were the case, the whole issue of magic arises and what exactly counts as a Heavy Weapon in this steampunk samurai society. And Ninja and their devices were revisited and it was nice for me to consider all these things with a mind less cluttered by the necessity to work on RunePunk. It’s still there, mind you, just a bit less stressful.

Turning my attention to Agents of Oblivion cranked up as I did some writing in response to some of the True20 posters who may defect from the World of Darkness to become Agents of Oblivion.

Click here for more details about Oblivion.

It’ll be nice to go to the conventions with so much to talk about. Seriously.



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