RunePunk Player’s Guide Off to Next Round Edits and Worlds of Adventure for True20

Hello All.

Just wrapped up another round of edits on the Player’s Section of RunePunk and it turned out nicely. I needed to expand and expound bits here and there for you readers who are not familiar with the setting. I appreciate everyone’s support and consideration and assure you that the entire book is done and it’s just going through the shining things up phase and compiling bits and pieces of art.

On the True20 front, I’ve gotten to see the layout and art and everything for the Worlds of Adventure book and send in my last minute niggles for Agents of Oblivion. I’m really jazzed about seeing it all laid out and think the font is cool and all that other good stuff. It’s also gonna be leading off the book, which isn’t too shabby. ;)



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