Entropy in Motion

Hello All.

I’m hoping to get a few more details in place, so I can make a big announcement about Agents of Oblivion shortly.

Already, I’ve been working with a secret colleague on the cosmology and have gotten a great lady to work on the conversions of some material…and then there’s the “few more details” I allude too…well, I’ll tell the whole story soon enough. Patience. So, yes, I’ve been busy.

As RunePunk wraps up, my mind is teased about some of the possibilities of certain points we’ll be needing to flesh out design-wise to make Agents of Oblivion maximally kickin’.

I’ve been operating in big sweeps, detailing out certain groups and whatnot. The book’s details will be more firm after GenCon, I’m certain.

Additionally, Powers & Perils: Orwell Industries (Savage Worlds Edition) is in final layouts and should be out shortly.




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