RunePunk Well Received

Hello All.

Con on the Cob was like a million years ago, but I’d like to give props to Andy Hopp for putting on a good show. (Jeez, I sound like a recording after everyone else has shown the love, but better late than never.) The Con was an absolute blast and I especially loved Andy “recommending” I see one particular singer…ShoEboX and we piled into the row with him and the guy was truly what Andy said—“Weird Al on Acid.” Gotta love that. Right? Right!

Oh yeah, I also had physical, tangible copies of something I’ve been devoting years of my life to— RunePunk. If you’ve never gone through the creative process like this, liken it to trying to ask out that one girl you always wondered about and then actually getting to take her out and then that first kiss. That’s kinda like what getting your first book in print is like. If you’ve gone through the process, then you can draw all the marriage analogies you want. Sometimes the design process is a thankless road and you’ve gotta hang in there. Some days are better than others and all days are better than the job that drove us into the design industry to begin with (whatever that may be.)

Humor and dark wit is sprinkled liberally throughout my posts. I’m working on some dark stuff at the moment—Agents of Oblivion—among other things and RunePunk is always good for gallows humour as well. You’ll see soon enough.

I’m also gearing up some good stuff, so when RunePunk hits the stores next month, we’ll be ready for ya! Got the screen in the works and we’re already working on more adventures and gonna take a stab at some one sheets. Getting the details sorted on that, but shouldn’t be a problem.

Part of the lack of posts is “what do I do now?” I felt a bit at sea for a time and needed time to readjust to the new projects and a shift of focus. I have been telling you about RunePunk for so long, I didn’t know what else to talk about, and thought that was all I had to say. But that didn’t last too long, I’m already hearing about stories other people are having in ScatterPoint and can’t wait to hear yours too.

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