Samurai Steampunk Showdown Style and Assorted Other Important Bits

Hello All.

In the “what’s going on with Iron Dynasty” department, I’d just like to announce that in addition to the progress we’re making on the RPG, I’ve got a clever, clever man whom I’ve known for a long time who’s taken on the arduous task of adapting the setting for use with the Showdown rules. We spent the better part of a day last week going over the seven major factions of the Iron Dynasty and after working through a lot of the specifics regarding breakdowns of troop types, archetype variations by factions and, oh yes, the inclusion of the mighty war machines and those mecha you’ve heard rumour of as well.

By the time we were finished, we both wanted to break out some minis and play, so I just want to thank Stacy Young for stepping up and officially welcome him to the Blur!

On some other points, the development team for Agents of Oblivion is concocting all types of madnesses and progress begins in earnest. Yesterday, I spent about half the day outlining the sections of the book, part of it beginning to compile my scattered notes and scribbles, and another part of the day itemizing all the art that is going to appear in RunePunk and the rest of the day editing RunePunk. Hmmmmm. No wonder I’ve been so beat. I like to stay busy.



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