Saturday Evening Post

Today has been largely a lazy day wherein I’ve been playing word games on the Nook Color as well as exploring emulators for GBA as well. It’s interesting to note, how many people have been looking back nostalgically towards past games and there has been quite a movement towards Old School gaming. Heck, even we enjoy the old stuff as evident from our Old School Fantasy line. When one looks at the past, one cannot help but look towards the future as well.

To whit, I find it interesting how some individuals have brought up in various discussions of late the future of gaming and the age old quest for a unified (read: universal) game system. I’ve seen various systems posited which have arisen in the post-4E world, but I would propose Savage Worlds as neatly fitting the bill in many respects forĀ a streamlined core system which is easy to tweak and modify (or in the parlance of others than myself “to hack”). I find FATE another such system where such possibilities lie.

What about you? Do any systems strike your fancy for universal dominance? State the game. State your case. Our eyes await.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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