Project Updates

Over the last week, we’ve had a chance to see the state of various projects. The first Iron Dynasty adventure shall be coming out in a few days, and April looks like it will make a strong showing with the planned continuation of Old School Fantasy, RunePunk, and a few other surprises for you.

I’ll be starting to unveil more as things make their way through layout, but as it stands we should have a lot of goodness coming your way shortly.

I’ll level with you–I intended to update this earlier today and really talk about some juicy rules stuff, but the storm played havoc with the internet connection and we had a few power issues in the neighborhood, so the computer took most of the day off until the bad weather rolled through, and now, as I sit down to write this, I’m a bit fried.

Tomorrow shouldn’t be so hectic, so I hope to return to form with some interesting tidbits for your consideration.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


3 Notes on, Project Updates

  1. RunePunk for April Fools?

    *ears perk up*

    you wouldn’t s&%# me, now, would you?

  2. Oh, I certainly wouldn’t do that!

  3. Glad to hear about the next Old School Fantasy Adventure. I’ll be sure to pick that up.

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