Secret Conspiracy

I’m still working on some neat stuff in the shadows that I cannot yet reveal, but I’ll allude to it a bit.

What I have alluded to, you can see in this week’s razorwise report.

I’ve got another writer for APB- the project that will not die- and he’s been working on it for a bit and it’s shaping up to be quite cool and I’m chomping at the bit to release more info. I’m just awaiting to get a bit more info.

I can say that the direction of it has expanded a bit and there will be some nifty keen settings in the book as well. Once you see who is working on this, you’ll want to add it to your wish list.

I also have another secret writer that’s agreed to write an Agents of Oblivion adventure. He digs the setting and we’re in the early process of discussing his working on the setting book. Who is it? Well, again, I can’t say quite yet. He does have his own company though. ;)

And, no, I haven’t forgotten about Runepunk: Steam & Shadow. I sleep curled up with images of Overwrought and Malakar dancing about like some nightmarish sugarplums in my head. What I’m telling everyone that asks now, it’ll be done when it’s done. Your patience and support is greatly appreciated. :D



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