The Long and the Short of It

Maybe I put this week’s stuff in some kind of scrambled entropy engine and things are coming out in anachronistic order. Perhaps, this might be better served place in the Razorwise Report where I typically confine my creative rants and whatnot, but it’s here, so there ya go.

I’m cranking on some PDF stuff, as I mentioned before, for multitudinous reasons. Hopefully, you’ll like it, I’m pleased as punch with it so far, and am awaiting to run it past Wiggy once he and Simon get squared away on things (those are GWG luminaries now, in case you didn’t know.)

One is an Operation for Agents of Oblivion while the other is an Adventure for Iron Dynasty. These borrow in part from the ideas for the setting books respectively in the works. Why no RunePunk PDFs, you might ask? The reasons are twofold. The primary one is that I want to keep it under wraps. There is a lot of unique coolness buried in there, a goodly bit of setting specific stuff. The races, especially, are unique to Scatterpoint and, hence, if I tried to separate one from the other, my head might explode. Sure, I’ll have PDF support for Runepunk once it’s out in the wild. Just the other day my friend (and a playtester) suggested a very neat adventure idea that I considered cramming into the book, but dismissed that. It’s something that is worth developing into a full blown PDF for your consumption and mine. Why AoO and ID then? Well, Agents of Oblivion can pull quite a lot from the core book as can ID, for the time being. By including some genre conventions and a few other things, the PDFs can focus on giving you a great game experience and a taste for the flavor of the respective game environments. It won’t be the full menu, but you’ll definitely come away satisfied. At least that’s the plan. ;)

Well, as I am prone to saying, there ya go. Now you know a bit why I’ve been so quiet. Catching up from Origins and rethinking some of the business priorities and scheduling details (as other companies are wont to do.)

I’ll post again come Monday. I really need to get that Monday groove back in gear. It’s good chatting with you. Come by again first of the week, will you? We’ll see what trouble I can get into over the weekend. ;)



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