The Name of the Rose and Assorted Madnesses

Katana: Samurai Steampunk got a totally new name. Yep, it’s true.

The new name is IRON DYNASTY: Sins of the Samurai. The Iron Dynasty part came from a contributor on the Great White Game Forums while I thought up the second. No. Really. I did. ;)

The curious part is that, from a writer’s perspective, it changes the strength and the entire dynamic of working on the project. Despite what William Shakespeare said about “a rose by any other name”, it is definitely NOT always the case.

Got final art for half of Journey to Red Temple and the layout is begging for the rest, which I should have on Wednesday. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

(And, no, I’m still laying out the Agents of Oblivion adventure. It’s the one I’ll be running at GenCon. Not too long now.)

I look forward to meeting a bunch of the good Savage folks at GenCon. More about that as the date gets closer.




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