On the Radar…

Hello All,

The good folks at 12 to Midnight did not perform any dark rituals to get me to jot down a few words about their work, but here it is…

I’ve seen the face of fear and it is Ed. Or is it Preston? Or is it Jerry? And I’ve never communicated with Craig before. Hmmm… Maybe they are all just the flesh-formed spawn of Yog-Sothoth. (Next time you see one of ’em, check their fingers and toes for webbiness, will ya?)

If you’ve read this far, you might think the Mad Arab doesn’t have anything on me or, if you’re old school, you might think, sure, he’s got a bit of Cthulhu knowledge, but at what price sanity?

Ahem. I digress. I don’t regress anymore, not since I found out I had a penchant for …

Ahem. Regression digression is the worst, isn’t it? Maybe I’d find things a lot saner if I shared my newfound psychobabble with a few close friends and get a horror adventure going instead of just scaring the readers…

That being said, if horror is your thing, show some love to Fear Effects. It’s not good despite being simple, it’s good because it is simple. Use it. Love it. Make it the object of your neurotic obession.

Fear Effects

I, personally, am looking forward to running a Savaged Brainwashed game. It reminds me of my old school days already.


Okay. They did it for d20 first. (We’ll forgive them for that.) Truly shows that they are fearless though, doesn’t it?



P.S. Speaking of being brainwashed, I’m working on some stuff too. Since Journey to Red Temple is being neatly put to bed, I’m ramping up layout work on the AoO: Starfall Jungle Mission/Adventure/Operation thing. I’ve been recently accused of being a type A personality for some reason and I might respond to that, but who honestly has time. I’m too busy putting some M&M into my blood. I’ve got a cool shorter supplement coming out before too long and am entering negotiations to bring a comic book title to the system as well before you know it (seeing as I’ll know first.)

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