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Sean Patrick Fannon, never one to keep secrets, sent in the drafts for his upcoming Shaintar projects, and has announced this to the world. Well, world, we ask for your patience. We have a number of other projects on our plate and we look forward to carefully going through this document and getting it into the proper shape for release next year. On the specifics of when, I cannot say until the team has an opportunity to review and assess the materials. I have read some snippets of the newest materials over the last few weeks and think it’s shaping up quite nicely. However, we’re not prone to rushing things out the door, so rest assured due diligence will be given to this property. Sean Patrick Fannon has lavished a lot of attention on this, as has members of the development team, including Norm Hensley and myself, and we look forward to giving it its proper due!

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  1. Sean Patrick Fannon

    I should have been a bit more explicit when I posted about finishing the manuscripts; I was just so excited about finally having finished that part…

    You have to realize that there’s a lot more that goes into the production of a book than just getting the words down. It is, with the simplest of projects, a fairly involved series of steps to go from submitted manuscript to “product for sale.”

    1) Proofing and Editing.
    2) Independent playtesting of new rules.
    3) Art conceptualization, lists, and assignments.
    4) Layout design.
    5) Product release scheduling.
    6) Marketing and promotion plans.

    Just to name a few.

    In this case, things are even more complex because there are not only two complete books to deal with, but a series of other potential products and attendant materials to move forward on. As well, because of what we are attempting to do with Shaintar, a great deal more careful evaluation of the material is necessary. There is some major “mold breaking” going on in those pages, and Sean is rightfully cautious about making certain what we release is the best work we can do, and that it serves the Savage Worlds community well when we do it.

    I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that it wasn’t just being talked about; it was being worked on, and now at least that part is done.

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