Sleeping In: A Piece of Flash Fiction in Honor of Chuck Wendig’s Birthday

The challenge? Write a three sentence story with a beginning, middle, and end. I whipped this up in about ten minutes. Enjoy! — Cthulhu stirred in his slumber, stretched his many tentacles, and poked his head above the choppy waters to gaze up into the night skies. The stars were actually right, but he was still sleepy, so he summoned his Star-Spawn and sent them into the heavens to change the constellations. As distant planets were thrown out of their orbits and ancient, unknown civilizations with long, proud legacies succumbed to the cold, dark void of space, Cthulhu descended back into the murky depths, shifted restlessly in the ruins of R’leyh, and quietly mumbled “Just a few more millennia” as tendrils of sleep embraced him once more. — Happy Birthday, Chuck! Regards, Sean  

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