A Smattering of Things

Today, order was restored. The Old School Fantasy adventures wended their way to their respective shops and store fronts for their respective systems. (Remember: we heart you most if you buy direct from us.)

I got to sink my teeth into the deep fleshy neck of the word puppet and drain it a bit before I was caught up in a maelstrom of sudden emails and last minute corrections for tomorrow’s release. (Oh foolish me for thinking I was ahead.) What I wrote about today concerned societies, transhumanism, extreme magic, and complete apathy. And, if it behaves well, it’s for a project.

Oh, this is newsworthy: Old School Fantasy is going monthly. Mark it on your calendar. Tell your friends. Await the awesome. The feedback we’ve gotten on the new format has been very positive. Thank you for your support and patronage. We’ll keep making them, if you keep buying them.

There was a flurry of email with Pat Kapera of Crafty Games. Interestingly, our emails crossed in the mail. He congratulated me on the newest OSF release, even as I was emailing it to him and Alex. Digital ships crossing in the cyber-streams (where it is always NIGHT). We have some exciting news on that front, but it’s going to have to wait until, you guessed it, next week.

I wanted to get a lot more done today, but I didn’t. Even though I did get the next release prepared and the words I wrote were good words, solid words, I am confident shall survive multiple drafts and iterations.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, support, fan, and friend, adieu!


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