Old School Fantasy #4: Slave Pens of Moss Stone Now Available!

Old School Fantasy is back with a vengeance. New look. Same great taste. Currently available in two flavors: Savage Worlds and Fantasy Craft!

Written by our own, Dave Olson, this line is in our new printer-friendly digest size for easy reading. What’s it about? Read on:

On the gentle, rolling slopes of the Emerald Hills, in a picturesque landscape of natural beauty, one of the vilest forms of tyranny has taken root. Gnoll slavers, operating out of the nearby Moss Stone Keep, work their “cattle” to their deaths tilling away at the unyielding soil. These poor souls, men and women, humans and elves, all live and die under the yoke of their treacherous masters — all to cultivate a difficult weed for the gnolls to sell on the black market. Who dares stand against these terrible creatures? Who dares to free the captives from their bleak fate? Hopefully your heroes! “Slave Pens of Moss Stone” is the next installment in our Old School Fantasy line of adventure modules. Hearken back to the days of legend and lore, when your spells, swords, and smarts alone kept the forces of evil at bay.

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