Reading with Scattered Writing

A storm roared through the city like a banshee last night, turning a normal sojourn into the countryside for goods this morning into an adventure of nightmarish proportions. ┬áSome areas suffered damage and power was out as close as a few blocks away, but I was hungry. After three stops, I was able to get some things to break my fast, and then returned, ran through some meetings, and set to the task of writing. I paused, remembering there were a few other items to read through, and have to see Eric’s really stepped up his game. I’m reading through the first planned Guidebook series for Ravaged Earth and it’s both lively and informative. It’s to be expected. He is an award-winning journalist, after all. What I planned as skimming turned into me hunkering down to read deliberately through it. Wow. You guys will dig this, and should dig knowing we’ll be ready to pull the trigger with support materials for Ravaged Earth right out of the gate. Content is king, baby.

I’m going to get to the writing this evening as our game fell through. One of our crew has Ebola (again), so I’m going to get some words out. I’m getting back into the groove and am looking forward to what spills out of my fingertips.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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