Reorientation Commences

The past few weeks I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of activity–project reviews, layout responsibilities, editing, and graphic design. I’ll painfully note writing is¬†conspicuously¬†absent from the list. This was neither by intent, nor design. We’ve been ramping up productivity and I wanted to get some products out the door which have been waiting a good swift kick. I also wanted to rectify the support situation we’ve had in the past and which we’re still working on rectifying even now. The maelstrom is over for the moment. I worked long into the night yesterday, pulling about a 15 hour day (yep, fifteen as in 15) to get some stuff wrapped up (as in laid out) and off my plate so I could redirect my attention back to the ever looming projects ravenously awaiting my words. I had already sorted out what I wanted to work on next and bounced some ideas off the team to get their insights. There are some big projects up ahead and I’m more than ready for the task. Just, it seems, not today.

I had some corrections to make to some layout work and I wanted to get the stuff done for next week out of the way, so a large chunk of my morning (which began at around 7) was taken up with getting final iterations done. I hate having things hang over my head. Getting Things Done is a book I’d recommend to any of you procrastinators out there or folks who think they’re organized who get boggled with the voluminous amounts of stuff people other than me think I get done. Don’t get me wrong. I do get a lot of stuff done, but I’m driven to get more done. Again, just not today. I had a good conversation with Sean Patrick Fannon (who has been derelict in maintaining communication with me) and he gave me an update on the status of Shaintar. I’ll post more on that another date. I’m too busy to sweat the small stuff. I spoke with Kristian regarding Life After Death and there is still a lot needing to get done on that front, I’m afraid, but it’s getting there. As it stands, there is plenty of space to drill into more detail, so I gave some insight and marching orders and with attending to where everywhere else was on things, I finally settled down to pick up what I was feverishly writing…two weeks ago.

Can anyone say dead stop? Sure you can. I’ve been here before. It’s not like I lack for words. These discussions with you keep me from getting rusty. I just need to reacquaint myself with the subject matter, reorient my course, so I can make sure I’m going to reach the shore I’m aiming for, and not some other continent. Impatience consumed a bit of the afternoon and I got listless. I probably could use a little more sleep as well. Heck, I’m sure we all could. But for this afternoon, I refuse to wear the hair shirt and am going to quietly read some materials so I’ll be ready to jump back into the thick of things on the morrow.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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  1. Hey Sean, I am willing to help out with any art needs you have. Don’t know if it will help lighten the load from your end, but I will do some rockin’ work for your future products.

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