Social Media and You

Today, I’ll announce over here we have a G+ page for Reality Blurs. We are one of the first, if not THE first, RPG companies to jump on this new opportunity to reach you, our fans!

We’re still sorting out some of the details and, since it is scarcely a day old, we’ll have to see how this new Google feature matures. There are some interesting possibilities, such as Hangouts and the possibility of doing some live games with some of you all. Still, a lot to be sorted out, and I’ll certainly want a haircut before we leap into any of those things.

I’m curious, though, to know what you use for your source of Reality Blurs’ info. Do you come straight to our website? Is this pouring into your RSS feed? Do you go to our forums? Do you follow us on Facebook or Twitter or are you one of the new adopters and already have us in your circles on G+? Let me know. My curiosity is ready to kill some cats!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!



10 Notes on, Social Media and You

  1. I’m stalking RB on both Facebook and Twitter, and hit the link to the site whenever it’s posted. Okay, not *every* time it’s posted, but more often than not. I am, after all, a stalker. :)

    I’m not on G+ (yet), but this might be the straw that breaks my reluctance’s back. My fear has been (and remains) that it’ll be yet another social thingy that I have to check into a couple times a day in order to keep up with it all.

  2. I’ll be honest, i got in early with G+, but found it was an empty wasteland with only a few people, who were mostly complaining about Facebook. I dont use it anymore, but i DO usually click links from Facebook when they’re posted. I don’t often just check the RB site, its usually prompted by a FB post.

  3. I got here through G+.

  4. I got here via Twitter. I really don’t like FB, and I’m still getting used to G+.

  5. I usually come directly to the site, prompted by your announcement on FB or Twitter. I check G+ fairly regularly, but it doesn’t get nearly as much traffic from the people I’m circled with. I do tend to prefer G+ over FB in general, though.

  6. I generally use RSS feeds, I forget about fun sites that update rarely otherwise.

  7. FB & G+. I don’t go directly to the site very often since all the blog posts pop up on the social media sites. I prefer G+ but still use FB since that’s where most people I know hang out. Wired posted an interesting article this morning on why G+ pages will beat FB:

  8. While I follow Reality Blurs on the various social media sites, my primary method of getting info is the RSS feed for this site. I don’t pay as much attention to facebook and twitter, so it’s easy for me to miss things there. The RSS feed goes right into google reader, which I can browse at my leisure.

  9. RSS feeds is more accessible for me.. i got 1 in my phone and i’m updated always. here’s another to try out for Visit

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