Spy vs Spy: Love in the Age of Electronic Warfare

Got your attention. Didn’t I?

Today, I wandered from Konoyo through Shaintar and wound up in Spyland by the end of the day. WOOOSH! is the sound you hear as I hold onto my scalp as everything showers over and through me. I’ve mentioned this fact on Twitter, but I’m going to say it again. The good thing about good editors is they catch lots of stuff. The bad thing about good editors is they catch lots of stuff. My ego is oblivious to their slings and arrows of outrageous correction. I make the changes I agree with (and, sometimes, some I don’t, but I know when’s right right. Right?) I keep on writing.

I’m running an Agents of Oblivion game this evening and am looking forward to it. We’re taking a break from the Diaspora for a moment, though I’m anxious to see what’s in store for our heroes, Ash & Company [1. That’s the name for the Space Saga in my character’s head, but he’s a bit delusional, so don’t trust him.]. On the other hand, I’d be content curling up with my NOOKcolor and letting my mind be blown with a media explosion. After all the seriousness I’ve dealt with today, I feel like blowing off a bit of steam, so please indulge me. Today’s been tough. Yesterday was tough, and I also have to share some lame information.

I’m not going to be able to attend Gen Con this year. I’m all apologies. Things came up beyond my control at the last minute, and to say I’m disappointed is a major understatement. I’ve wrestled with the decision over the last couple of days and this is definitely the best thing. Trust me. ┬áLet’s still be friends. Okay? I’m aiming my sights at Con on the Cob right now where I’m a Special Guest and I may have special stuff with me (or maybe even a surprise).

What’s this mean? Well, while folks are off enjoying Gen Con, I’ll be working on stuff. I may be a bit sullen, but I’m considering working on a passion project [2. A passion project is anything which is intensely personal and not in the near-future list of priorities. Think of it as the stuff you do on the side from work for fun. Savvy?] Who knows, though? I may well just still be here doing the same thing I do every day[3. Whatever that is.]

My confession is now complete. With a clear conscience, I go grab a slice of pizza and prepare for the guys’ arrival. Game on, my brethren and sisteren!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!





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  1. So is it safe to assume the events you were to run in Indy won’t be happening? Big sad :( At the rate my events are getting killed off it’s looking like I don’t need to go either :/ Have a better one…or a cold one.

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