Stacks on Stacks


Today is a busy day, so a quick tip to kick your writing into overdrive. Again, another simple one.  As you can see, I typically suggest simple things. Weaving together a bunch of simple things creates a complex tapestry, so here we go.

Create multiple foundational blocks for the elements of your story.

We’ve discussed elements being anything of (possible) import to your story.

Example: There’s a body in a field with one shoe missing.

Extrapolated Elements: Body, field, the missing shoe

Foundational blocks are typically three bits (using the rule of three) of information for each.

The body is that of a male child with a harelip.

The field is lacking in blood. The grass is uncut. There is an abundance of nettles in the grass.

The missing shoe is an element from its absence, so we detail the shoe that is present. The left shoe is a limited edition athletic sneaker.

You do the same with characters and the like. Keep the rule in three ever in mind.

Example: The detective wears crumpled clothes, fidgets with a pen in his left hand, and likes to chew on his lower lip when he mumbles. His partner is a sharp dresser, very reserved, and dedicated.

Think wisely. Write well.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.



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