Stark Contrast

Some sentences should be short and sweet, a gut punch to the sensibilities. Fragments should be used with a staccato effect to drive, drive, drive a point home. Sometimes.

Interweave the short, powerful descriptions with the long. Provide a lingering look at something that might otherwise seem innocuous, innocent, and ofttimes too familiar to be worth note. Make it worth the trouble.

Present, provide, accentuate elements of your story/game/adventure to make them mysterious. Once you create the rhythm, empty the emptiness with a simple question. What do you think? Let your others take over, fill the void, silence the silence, and illuminate the way.

Present something bitter with something sweet. Present something sad with something happy. Create contrast. Create a composition. Let them give voice to their interpretations. Listen to the symphony and direct it accordingly.

Think wisely. Write well.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.


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